Jim and Judy Wells Ministry Scholarship




The Jim and Judy Wells Ministry Scholarship exists to extend God’s Kingdom by providing tuition assistance for Tri-County Baptist Association church members who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Christian ministry.



The scholarship is named for Jim and Judy Wells, who served God together in marriage and ministry for five decades. With Judy by his side, Jim served with distinction in Tri-County Baptist Association in southwest Missouri as Director of Missions from 2000 to 2012, and as interim pastor at three Tri-County churches.
In addition to his associational service, Jim served the Southern Baptist Convention for fifteen years as Registration Secretary; the Missouri Baptist Convention for four years as Strategic Partners Catalyst; and served nine churches as pastor.
Jim was a friend to pastors and Christian servants all across the United States and was known for his integrity, humble leadership style and Christ-like spirit. Judy Wells served alongside Jim as the consummate pastor’s wife and humble Christian servant. Their love for pastors and churches and their legacy of dedicated service to the cause of Christ is perpetuated through the ministry of this scholarship.


This scholarship is available to persons who:
  • Are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate ministry degree;
  • Are a member of a Tri-County Baptist Association church;
  • Have not previously been a recipient of this scholarship more than two times. (Priority is given to first time recipients.)

Scholarship amount

The amount of individual scholarships and number of scholarships awarded each year is determined annually by the Scholarship Committee, and is dependent upon the number of applicants and the funds available to be disbursed.