In September or October every year, the churches of the association gather for worship and fellowship in our “Annual Meeting.” Also during this meeting, representatives of each church, called “messengers,” hear the annual report from key association ministries, consider for approval the coming year’s financial plan and leadership, and consider pressing needs among our churches. The messengers from the churches have the privilege to vote in this meeting on items brought to the association. In this way, all of our churches have a say in what goes on in Tri-County.
Serving as a messenger is both a responsibility and an honor; each member extends God’s Kingdom beyond the four walls of their church by assisting the association accomplish its work in our three counties and beyond.
Each church is allocated a certain number of messengers, depending on the number of resident members.
  • resident church membership of 100 or less: 3 messengers
  • resident church membership of 101-150: 4 messengers
  • resident church membership of 151-200: 5 messengers
  • resident church membership of 201-250: 6 messengers
  • resident church membership of 251 or more: 7 messengers

From TCBA’s Constitution:

Tri County Association shall have one classification of messengers who have been duly elected by the cooperating churches who comprise the association. Each church of one hundred (100) members or less will be entitled to three (3) messengers and one (1) additional messenger for each fifty (50) resident members or fraction thereof, provided that no church will have more than (7) messengers. Names of elected messengers must be provided by start of the opening session of the annual meetings. Messengers serve for one year and may be re-elected should the church decide to do so.
Each messenger shall be entitled to one vote on each item of business at an Annual Meeting.