pictured above: the main square in Tehuacan, Mexico
In our October 2023 Annual Meeting, the messengers from our churches voted to enter into a two-year partnership with a church in Mexico: “People of God Baptist Church” (Iglesia Bautista Pueblo de Dios) in the south-central city of Tehuacan. We’ll be working with Pastor Sergio Rebollar (pronounced SAYR-hee-oh ray-bow-YAR) as he and his congregation do outreach projects in that city of about 270,000 people. Our first trip will be this year! trip cost approximately $1,500. Details are still being worked out but keep checking Tri-County’s website ( and our Facebook page (Tri-County Southern Baptist Association) for updates. We need prayer partners and “go” partners! (You will need a passport to go.) If you’d like to receive email updates, send an email to
Pastor Sergio to visit Tri-County

People of God Baptist Church’s pastor, Rev. Sergio Rebollar, will be in Tri-County this week February 29 – March 4 to share about his mission field and how we can come alongside his church to share the Good News. We’ve planned 2 meetings with Pastor Sergio on Thursday February 29 so you can meet him and hear his heart:

8 AM: breakfast at the Gateway Cafe in Spokane map for all pastors, church staff, and interested laymen.

11:30 am: lunch at Tri-County’s office in Nixa, for anyone interested in missions and planting new churches.

We’ll be sharing more about trips we’ll be taking to Mexico soon. In the meantime, please pray that God uses us to spread the Good News. And, get your passport ready, so that if God tells you to GO, you’re ready!

Iglesia Bautista Pueblo de Dios
People of God Baptist Church