Executive Board

Between Annual Meetings, the association is governed by the Executive Board, comprised of the pastor of each church and one other person elected by the congregation.
Members of TCBA’s Executive Board are the first to hear the latest happenings in our churches and in the Tri-County, and play an important role in determining the present and future direction of the association. Membership in the Executive Board is a privilege; each member extends God’s Kingdom beyond the four walls of their church by assisting the association accomplish its work in our three counties and beyond. The board meets at least twice a year.

From TCBA’s Constitution:

Section One. MEMBERSHIP: The Executive Board shall be composed of the pastor and one other person elected by each affiliated congregation, members of the Administrative Team, and officers of the association. Paid staff members of the Association shall have input but do not carry a vote.
Section Two. MEETINGS: The Executive Board shall have at least two meetings each year other than the annual meeting. The Administrative Team may call special meetings for a specific purpose by giving at least seven days’ notice. Notice shall be given to affiliated churches. These churches are responsible for notifying their Board Members.
Section Three. AUTHORITY: The Executive Board is governed by all provisions of this Constitution and established Policies and Procedures. This Board has full power and authority to conduct the business of the Association between Annual Meetings when called upon by the Administrative team to do so.
Section Four. REPORTING: The Executive Board shall supply a written summary of their decisions and actions at the Annual Meeting.
Section Five. QUORUM: The members of the Executive Board present at any called and noticed meeting shall constitute a quorum for that meeting.
Section Six. MANNER OF ACTING: The act of a majority of the members of the Executive Board present at a meeting shall be binding on the association, unless a greater percentage is required by established policies and procedures for a specific vote.
The Administrative Team recommends to the Executive Board the following actions:
The Jim and Judy Wells Ministry Scholarship Committee:                        The Administrative Team recommends to the Executive Board the following to serve on the Jim and Judy Wells Ministry Scholarship Committee:          Rev. Don Currence (FBC Ozark—Christian County), Rev. James Talley (FBC Kimberling—Stone County) and Rev. Monty Dunn (Friendly Baptist Church—Taney County).
BACKGROUND: Tri-County’s Executive Board established the Wells Ministry Scholarship in 2018. The Scholarship(s) will be awarded by the Wells Ministry Scholarship Team. Criteria for selection and responsibilities for the team are as follows: 
The Wells Scholarship Team will consist of three people who:
   Are active members of a TCBA church.
   One member from a TCBA church in Christian County; one from a Stone         County TCBA church; and one from a Taney County TCBA church.
   Mrs. Judy Wells and the Director of Missions serve as an ex oficio                   members.
Wells Scholarship Team responsibilities:
   Receive applications.
   Meet to review applications (April-May).
   Interview applicants, as deemed appropriate (April-May).
   Make a determination as to recipients and amount of award (May).
   Inform applicants and TCBA of their decision (no later than June 1).
The Grove Amphitheater at Baptist Hill Assembly Project:
The Administrative Team recommends that Tri-County Baptist Association construct an amphitheater at Baptist Hill Assembly with a budget of $15,000.
BACKGROUND: The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that outdoor worship space at Baptist Hill Assembly would greatly enhance the Assembly’s ability to host camps and groups. The Amphitheater Project would be an effort of all Tri-County churches to fund and build such a facility. 
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Proposed Constitutional Amendment to allow virtual meetings:
The Administrative Team recommends that the Executive Board approve an amendment to Tri-County’s constitution to allow virtual Associational meetings with electronic, mail, or fax voting.
BACKGROUND: The Covid-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty among many Baptist churches and organizations as to how to conduct necessary business in the event that in-person meetings are not possible or desirable. The proposed amendment to Tri-County’s constitution is adapted from a similar measure adopted by the Missouri Baptist Convention in 2020. 
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Ministry Renewal Leave Policy
The Administrative Team recommends that the Executive Board approve a Ministry Renewal Leave (sabbatical) policy.
BACKGROUND: In 2020 Tri-County’s Administrative Team asked the Director of Missions to develop a plan for the Association’s DOM to take a sabbatical (“ministry renewal leave”). The proposed policy is the result of that request. (It is the Director of Mission’s hope that Tri-County churches will study the proposed policy, and implement similar measures for their ministerial staff.)
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