Proposed Constitutional Amendment 
to allow virtual meetings
FROM TRI-COUNTY’S CONSTITUTION: Article XII – Amendments: This Constitution may be amended at any Annual Meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the messengers present and voting, providing the proposed changes be presented in writing in a previous Executive Board Meeting, or at a specially called meeting for that purpose.  The proposed amendments shall be provided and included in the Book of Reports given out at the Annual Meeting.



Section 1. Meeting with Digital Participation: The Association may permit the members of the Administrative Team and Executive Board to participate in a meeting by, or may conduct the meeting through use of, any means of communication by which all Team/Board members participating may simultaneously hear and speak to each other during the meeting. A Team/Board member participating in a meeting by this means is deemed to be present in person at the meeting. Votes cast digitally during or after such meeting are subject to the normal quorum rule.


Section 2. Digital Voting without Meeting: If a special circumstance arises whereby the Administrative Team or Executive Board is required to vote on a matter but a special meeting cannot reasonably be called, in the opinion of the President of the Association, then an electronic vote is authorized, provided:

  1. Proxy voting is prohibited.
  2. In the case of a matter before the Executive Board, the vote is authorized in advance by the Administrative Team.
  3. The quorum for the ballot without meeting is the number of those participating in the meeting.
  4. A telephone conference call, or other electronic means, such as “web conferencing,” whereby collaborative interaction is possible, is provided to discuss the question.
  5. Every Team/Board member has an opportunity to cast a vote by electronic means.
  6. The President of the Association reviews and certifies the vote total, and that the quorum requirement has been met.


Section 3. Cancellation of Meetings. In the event of a catastrophe, disaster, condition endangering life or health, or other grave emergency likely to affect a meeting, the Administrative Team, by majority vote (cast electronically, if needed) may cancel a previously scheduled regular or special meeting, giving reasonable notice to all Executive Board members, and may either reschedule the meeting date, time and place, conduct the meeting electronically, or may make provision for any extensions of terms of officers and leadership roles, and other adjustments or actions necessary for compliance with law or governing documents.

Reason for the change: The Covid-19 crisis has made it necessary for many Tri-County churches to hold business meetings electronically. In addition, the Missouri Baptist Convention has passed an amendment to its constitution on holding virtual meetings. The proposed addition to Tri-County’s constitution is based on MBC’s model and allows Association business to be conducted by electronic means if necessary.